About our trio

"Nicolas Gorostidi Jazz Trio" are the bassist on keyboard Ilya Goldfarb, the drummer Xavier Foks and the pianist  Nicolas Gorostidi -our youngest member- whose name is taken to call our Trio. The project started in 2016 playing together locally in Gijón, a seaside town in the North of Spain where we live. Although being musicians of distant ages and careers, what we actually share is our passion for the great gender of Jazz. Our repertory includes the most popular Jazz Standards, which arrangements are taken from the legacy of the smartest Jazz masters, as well as from our own composing and improvising crafts. We are used to invite different soloists to collaborate with us, resulting in a cool quartet featuring violin, clarinet, saxophone, guitar, voice, etc.



Born in Jarrio (Asturias, Spain) in 1997, he comes from a family very close to the music. He starts his lessons of classical piano at the age of seven, with Natalia Mazoun, a Russian-origened teacher, in the Musical School "Tchaikovsky" in Gijon, and in 2005 he was 1st Prize Winner of the International Piano Contest in San Sebastian, at the age of nine. Just after that, his passion for Jazz and Latin Music made a shift in his musical vocation, so he started piano lessons with Ilya Goldfarb. He has also been coached in several master classes of improvisation, supervised by Andreas Prittwitz, Pepe Rivero and Alain Perez. Since 2015, he is co-founder, keyboard player and arranger of the already well-known in Asturias Soul band "James & the Brownies", and since 2016 he is co-founder of the Nicolas Gorostidi Jazz Trio. He is also finishing the college of industrial engineering.



Bass on Keyboard

Born in Moscow (ex-USSR) in 1950, he lives in Spain (Gijon, Asturias) since 1991. He is graduated by the Moscow State Conservatory "Tchaikovsky" in 1973, focused on piano, musical theory and composition. In Russia he formed part of many Jazz and Pop bands as a keyboard player and arranger and he also worked as a teacher in several musical schools. Since in Spain, he follows combining teaching and performing, as well as arranging for several recording projects. Since 1996 now, he runs, together with his wife, Natalia Mazoun, the Musical School "Tchaikovsky", where he teaches classical piano, musical theory, harmony, polyphony, composition, arranging, as well as Jazz and improvisation. Being Jazz teacher of Nicolas Gorostidi, he is co-founder of the Nicolas Gorostidi Jazz Trio, too.



Born in Gijon (Asturias, Spain) in 1967. Curious, self-taught and multifaceted person since his childhood, he researches and experiments in composition, piano, reeds, drums and percussion. He also researches in electronic music, recording, audio/video post, theater directing and as an actor, script and play writer. At early nineties he meets the ethnic/world music as part of his always curious personality. He is also a teacher of music (drums, percussion, keyboards and recording) since 1991. Nowadays he coaches in several musical centers of Asturias, for adults and children. He published 15 LPs as soloist musician and several within remarkable collaborations, such as Aculla, Gueta na Fonte, Deux ex Machina, Theatrical Performance Company "Unidiverso" created by himself, as well as Penelope Aboli (Spain), Michael Fahres (Netherlands), Barbra Held (USA), Edgar Pantoja (Cuba), Pedro Vigil (Spain), Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Turkey/Armenia), Samuel Ulé (Guadalupe/Antillas), Tapan Battacharya (India), Torsten de Winkel (Germany/USA), Samuel Akinola (Nigeria), Xiao Wan (China), Eduardo Laguillo (Spain) and finally Ilya Goldfarb (Russia) and Nicolas Gorostidi (Spain), - these two within the actual Nicolas Gorostidi Jazz Trio.